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The Green Dragon weed is a brand of cannabis flowers that stands out as both dependable and high-quality. This longstanding California company has state-of-the-art cultivation facilities that consistently produce premium products. Despite the high quality, the prices are still reasonable, making it an easy choice for us to offer at our dispensary.
Green Dragon is a well-established cannabis company that has been praised for its high-quality clones since 2005. They are known for their efficient and automated cultivation practices, consistently producing potent marijuana with THC percentages between the mid-20s to low-30s.
Furthermore, Green Dragon has received multiple awards for their flower, including three Cannabis Cup awards, a High Times award for highest potency, and five championships from The Hemp Connoisseur. These accolades prove the quality and dependability of their products.
For those seeking premium weed without breaking the bank, Green Dragon flower is the green dragon strain way to go. At DTPG, we have a selection of GD flower products that have become customer favorites. Here are four of them that have quickly caught the attention of our dispensaries.
At an average cost of $45 standard price, Féria delivers a potent high that enhances the smoking experience while stretching the budget. While THC content plays a vital role in a strain’s value, it is not the sole determining factor.
List of Green Dragon Cannabis Flavors Review
Gustavo Strain
The exotic strain named Gustavo Green Dragon exhibits stunningly beautiful colors, with hues ranging from a deep purple to vibrant green. It provides a smooth and enjoyable high that is further enhanced by its incredible taste and smell.

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